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  1. We have the experience to prepare comprehensive building inspection reports with over 45 years building experience.
  2. It is extremely difficult for a home buyer to identify the primary structural elements of a home not to mention definitions of defects. The building inspector can ensure the home has been inspected correctly.
  3. An inspector understands all the components that make up a building and are trained to investigate.
  4. Some homes are infested with termites with no visual signs.
  5. Older buildings do have asbestos, as a new owner you need to be aware if the home has asbestos.
  6. Be sure that your next purchase has no hidden surprises and that it meets the current standards and regulations and is not a financial problem or a safety danger.
  7. Having an inspection will identify any repairs that are required and can help you prepare for any additional costs This will give you peace of mind – go into the sale with open eyes.
  8. If a home or property is found to have any costly problems that need repair, then this can be raised with the vendor or seller and a potential adjustment to your offer price may be considered.
  9. We can arrange to inspect the property on your behalf by contacting the owner or agent for permission to inspect – this should be carried out before the cooling off period has expired.


Bookings can be made 24 hours 7 days a week and inspections can be carried out on weekdays and weekends to suit the new home owner.


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